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Professional Summary

Dedicated professional consultant with cutting edge technical and functional experience in enterprise systems. Demonstrated success installing all aspects of the SAP Logistics Materials Management (MM) module, Sales and Distribution (SD) and Production Planning (PP) modules. Additionally, has proven success designing and developing programs using the ABAP/4 programming language and extensive experience using the CranSoft data conversion toolset and methodology.

Professional Experience

Consulting Background - February 1996 to Present

3M (July 2016 to Present)

Consulted on SAP R/3 release 7.40. This engagement involves performing an SD functional and technical role in the Order to Cash team for the POLARIS SAP rollout project. The primary duties are configuration management and WRICEF design and implementation for client specific requirements. Additional tasks include performance analysis and design of corrections to support this, as well as general defect resolution and management through the release roll out cycles supporting many areas with the Order to Cash team.

St. Jude Medical, Inc. (June 2007 to June 2016)

The initial project was a rollout of SAP R/3 release ECC 5.0 to a small manufacturing facility in St. Jude's Cardio Vascular Division. This was an extension of an existing plant that was already live. The primary role on this project was a manager role for data conversion and production cut over efforts. This involved analyzing the business data needs, learning the legacy system data and how to extract it, developing data maps for each type of data that was to be converted and guiding the business in the process of making data decisions that could not be readily identified from their legacy data. The data was then converted to the mapped format using spreadsheets and MS Access databases to apply formatting and business rules. The oversight of the data conversion into SAP was part of this process as well, this involved directing a dedicated developer and helping with trouble shooting as needed. When the data conversions where production ready, the cutover plan was developed and implemented. Upon production implementation the role changed to a support role for data and any functional issues that needed attention. The primary SAP modules implemented during this project where: Materials Management, Production Planning and Quality Management.

The second project involved coordinating a validation process for an existing rollout project. This was more of an education and oversight role that lasted through the completion of the projects quality assurance system test.

The third project was performed as a data team member using the CranSoft toolset. In this role 20 data maps were converted to CranSoft rules to allow for loading into SAP through BDC sessions and LSMW functionality. This role continued through two test data loads. After which the responsibility for these loads was transitioned to other team members to allow for work to be conducted on another data conversion project in another division

The fourth project was a role of global data team lead for a large European rollout of SAP. This role involved coordinating a remote team using the St. Jude data conversion methodology from initial set up to go-live. Along with the tasks of team lead, numerous data conversions were developed and implemented using the CranSoft tool.

The fifth project also involved developing data conversions using the CranSoft toolset. This project is part of a large scale rollout of the Implantable Electronic Systems Division. In this rollout numerous data conversions were created and implemented for a wide range of SAP objects in modules like: FI, MM, PP, QM, SD, CRM, GTS and PDT. This roll out was in conjunction with an ECC 6.0 upgrade.

Subsequent projects have involved a combination of CranSoft, Winshuttle and ABAP development across the functional spectrum in SAP ECC, CRM, GTS and GRC systems.

During all projects, while it was not the primary role, functional consulting on MM, SD, PP and FI was required to problem solve as well as train new team members.

Tennant Company (June 2005 to June 2007)

Consulted on the SAP R/3 release 4.6C. This engagement involved multiple projects. The first involved technical development on reports, custom applications and interfaces for Credit Management. Other development was conducted for projects involving service, customer service, warehouse management, purchasing, finance and the CRM implementation. The development techniques used included: ALV Grid, BAPI's, BADI's, LSMW, and Workflow.

The next major project was stabilization and support for interfaces to a mobile service package (ServiceLINK). This involved workflow development and RFC function modules.

The project that followed was a service optimization project that allowed me to analyze the service department's needs and develop programs or change programs to promote a more efficient business process.

The last big project was a customer master process project. This project utilized me as the project manager and developer. I was in charge of coordinating a cleanup effort for backlogged customer information, as well as, analysis and design of the customer master process. The end result of this project was a more efficient customer master process, using both process changes and system enhancements.

J.M. Smucker (Formerly International Multifoods) (May 2002 to May 2005)

Consulted on the SAP R/3 release 4.6C and APO systems. This engagement was a technical engagement filling the role of lead ABAP/4 developer. During this engagement a variety of reports, applications, user exits, interfaces, conversions and SAPScripts where developed and implemented. The development was done in two systems. One was an R/3 system where reports and interfaces where primarily coded using ABAP/4, and conversions where done using the LSM workbench. Special development techniques that where used included ALV grid, RFC's, BAPI's, BADI's and Smart Forms. The second system was an APO system. In this system ABAP/4 reports, user exits, interfaces and conversions were also developed. Due to the nature of the client's APO project a BW system was implemented, and the BW Analyzer was not used for reporting. This required all ABAP/4 reports and interfaces to be pulled directly from the BW Infocubes and APO Livecache. In order to do this, special methods were developed to pull directly from each source using ABAP/4 code. EDI interfaces were also supported/modified during this project in both the R/3 and APO environments. Along with the development role, a smaller role of functional consultant was performed in the areas of MM, WM, SD, PP and FI.

Innovex, Inc. (May 2001 to July 2001; Oct 2001 to Jan 2002)

Consulted on the SAP R/3 release 3.1H system. The first engagement was mainly focused on legacy system data conversion using the LSM tool. Also during this engagement ABAP/4 programs where written and reports where modified. After the go-live a short period of functional problem solving was required. The second engagement involved leading a Master Data Accuracy project that allowed the company to clean it's master data files (Materials, Bills of Materials and Routings) as well as develop and document processes that would allow the data to remain clean in the future. The project also required technical and functional consulting in MM and PP.

Syngenta Seeds, Inc. (Formerly Novartis Seeds, Inc.) (Feb 2000 to Apr 2001; Aug 2001 to Sept 2001)

Consulted on the SAP R/3 release 3.1I system. This engagement started by designing and implementing a grower management solution using SAP production orders and purchasing as the base. After the grower management solution was completed, the task of facilitating the conversion of material master, routing, and bill of material legacy data to their production system was performed for the largest Syngenta Seeds division. After the go live in September 2000 a support role was established and consulting centered primarily on the SD and PP modules with additional consulting in MM, WM and ABAP/4 programming.

Artesyn Technologies, Inc. (Dec 1999 to May 2000)

Consulted on the SAP R/3 release 4.5B system. This engagement was for production support trouble shooting in the MM, WM, SD and PP modules. There were also a number of ABAP/4 reports and SAPscripts that needed modifying and creating.

Centron DPL (Sept 1999 to Oct 1999)

Consulted service was provided for ABAP/4 development. This role was to design and implement programs to extract data from SAP to load into a legacy system for the new parent company for Centron. Data from many areas of SAP was extracted including: FI, MM, SD and PP.

FSI International (Dec 1998 to Sept 1999)

Consulted on the SAP R/3 release 4.0B. The primary role for this project was that of an ABAP/4 developer. During this ASAP project, the conversions and interfaces where the main focus for development. The majority of the conversions where developed with SAP's LSM (Legacy Migration) tool. This role spanned the modules MM, SD, PP, FI, CO, AM and HR. Other tasks that where conducted, include teaching the SAP training class CA940 for authorizations, Document Management configuration, and Workflow consulting.

Nash Finch Company (July 1998 to Nov 1998)

Consulted on the SAP R/3 retail release of SAP. During this project the primary role that was being filled, is that of Error Correction. This is a trouble shooting role that deals with Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, and Financial Accounting.

PRAGMATEK Consulting (Feb 1996 to July 1998)

Centron DPL

Consulted on the SAP R/3 Materials Management module for release 3.0F. The project was a "Big Bang" implementation that also included the Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Financial Accounting and Controlling modules. Primarily acted as configuration specialist and trainer to achieve a high level of knowledge transfer to the project team. Other specialty areas of SAP were Document Management, Workflow, and Warehouse Management. Other roles included network technician, ABAP/4 programmer, and SAPscript programmer. The project was successfully completed in 9 months.

The primary focus after the initial Centron installation was Materials Management support and ABAP/4 report writing. Additionally an upgrade to SAP release 3.1H was performed.

After the upgrade implemented SAP R/3 Business Workflow for release 3.1H. During this project multiple Workflows were created and installed. The Workflows covered the Sales and Distribution as well as Materials Management modules.

Karl Schmidt Unisia, Inc.

Consulted on the SAP R/3 Materials Management Module using the SAP AIM methodology. Conducted training of the project team members on all areas of the SAP Materials Management Module from functionality to configuration, worked with the project team extensively to ensure a complete knowledge transfer. This "Big Bang" project involved extensive interaction with the Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Financial Accounting and Controlling modules. During the project, created numerous SAPscript layout sets and ABAP/4 BDC upload programs for Materials Management, Production Planning and Human Resources. After the successful installation of SAP Release 3.0D, a support role was established.


Pre-Consulting Background - September 1991 to January 1996

Schwan's Sales Enterprises

Project Manager

Performed a support role for a United Kingdom subsidiary using SAP R/3. Helped them install a new plant by providing the necessary configuration help. Managed a Materials Management installation at a subsidiary which involved training staff members, creating and maintaining project plans, configuring as needed, and a small amount of ABAP/4 programming. This project involved Sales and Distribution, Accounts Receivable and Controlling, along with Materials Management. Helped this subsidiary through their production start and then provided them with support.

Programmer Analyst

Team leader for an SAP R/3 installation of Materials Management at a subsidiary located in the United Kingdom. Responsible for the majority of the configuration of the Materials Management module. The parts of the Materials Module that went into production were: Purchasing, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Invoice Verification, Physical Inventory, and Valuation. This project not only included Materials Management, but Sales and Distribution and Production Planning. The integration of these modules was worked on as well. Additionally, worked with a Financials team to configure the Account Determination and Invoice Verification parts of Materials Management. Assisted the subsidiary to develop a training program, started production using SAP and provided support after the installation.

Programmer Analyst

Performed analysis and development of Warehouse Inventory and MRP systems using INFORMIX and C programming languages. Conducted the installation and training of these software systems, as well as their support. Had the responsibility of being a SCO UNIX system administrator and an INFORMIX database administrator. The cycle of analysis, design and installation was repeated for 5 separate subsidiaries of Schwan's.


Technical Skills


  • PC (Desktop)  
  • PC Network

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • UNIX
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Android


  • SAP
  • ABAP/4
  • CranSoft
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • UNIX/Windows Shell Scripting
  • Winshuttle
  • Microsoft Office


Minnesota State University, Mankato

B.S. Computer Science

Minor: Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Mankato, Minnesota



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